Being one of the largest cities in the world, Istanbul has been inspiring many travelers with its most magnificent historical sites, fascinating cuisine, cultural diversity, sea-shore resorts and much more, offering delightful memories to its visitors foreign and domestic throughout the year.

Fascinating Turkey bridges two continents, figuratively and literally, and is an exotic confluence of cultures that make it unique among countries. Because you can see legendary sites like the ancient city of Troy and the wonder of the Temple of Artemis, Turkey is an enticing destination for the adventurous traveler. When all is said and done, Istanbul is the vibrant essence of the Turkish experience and a vacation in and of itself. Explore the Great Bazaar, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors daily to its 4,000 shops with spices, leather goods, famous Turkish rugs and so much more. This capital city of the Eastern Orthodox faith presents a lineup of museums, religious monuments and palaces that reveal many centuries worth of history. The Blue Mosque is one of the great masterpieces of Islamic architecture, and the Topkapi Palace was the royal center of the Ottoman Empire. And while many refer to Istanbul's Hagia Sophia as the Eighth Wonder of the World, you'll see that the entire city is easily worthy of such an exalted title.

Known as Constantinople at one time, Istanbul owes its cultural and historical richness to its role serving as a capital city to four empires including the Roman and the Ottoman Empires for more than fifteen centuries. City of Istanbul’s strategic location is a contributing factor to its significant development which made the city the popular gateways over the centuries connecting Asia to Europe during Silk Road expeditions. Topkapi Palace, Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque), Hagia Sophia, Dolmabahce Palace, Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar remain as the most popular must see historical sites in the heart of Istanbul. Considered as the pearl of the city, Bosphorus divides Asian side from the European side located between Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

For many centuries, people of different religions including Christianity, Judaism and Islam have lived in Istanbul in harmony. During 15th century, the Orthodox Patriarchate was transferred to The Church of St. George (Aya Yorgi) located in Fener, Istanbul which had served for the worlds Eastern Orthodox population. The Greek Orthodox Cathedral with a uniquely built design of its time, is since then visited by the pilgrims from many Orthodox countries.

During the Ottoman Empire, more than half million Jews lived and freely worshipped in the city of Istanbul. Many synagogues were built at that time, which 26 of them are still in use today mostly in Balat area and the Galata district in Beyoglu. The most known ones are Neve Shalom Synagogue, Ahrida Synagogue, Ashkenazi Synagogue, Bet Israel Synagogue and Caddebostan Synagogue.

While it’s rapid development is trying to keep up with the increasing population’s demands, Istanbul’s authentic atmosphere blending with the modern entertainment and shopping districts continue to charm more and more visitors and investors every year.



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