What does Fully Escorted Tour mean?
You will be traveling with the same group of people from the beginning until the end. Fully Escorted Tours can not be customized as the travel dates, hotels and the route are already fixed. Same guide (or tour director) and the driver will be escorting you through the entire trip.
What does Flexible Package Tour mean?
Flexible Package Tours are somewhat similar to Fully Escorted Tours but you will be greeted by local representatives rather than a Tour Director and will not be escorted during the entire trip. However, all transportation and pick up services (from hotels, airports, etc) are still arranged by us. Instead of traveling with the same group of travelers, you will be joining to local tours on each area. This style is ideal for people who want some freedom but still have the comfort of guidance. Please note that all Flexible Packages can be also customized according to your needs and expectations.
Am I traveling with a group?
Yes and No.
Fully Escorted Tours: You will be traveling with the same group from the beginning until the end.
Flexible Packages and Custom Made Tours: You are not going to be traveling with the same group of people through the entire program. If you book a Flexible or Custom Made Tour you will be travelling on the regular transports according to your choice (Plane/Bus) but you will be with a small group on daily local tours at the chosen areas this gives you an opportunity to meet different people through your trip.
I requested a Custom Made Tour. How do you organize all transports and tours at that much different locations?
We have branch offices & affiliated companies based in every location and all work coordinated. They will know at what time and by which transport you will be arriving at that location and be ready to meet you, to transfer you to your hotel and organise your local tours.
What are the departure dates of your tours?
Flexible and Custom Made Tours allow you to pick up your own travel dates. Fully Escorted Tours have specific departure dates.
How do I save money?
As the travel agencies can get a better price than the customer, packages work out to be more economical. All our package tours already have all your needs included (except your personal
expenses) and you will never pay any extra fee! Our prices are cheaper than traveling the same
itinerary on your own.
You won't only save money, but you will also save time! By booking a package with us,
everything is arranged to make your holiday hassle free. You won't have to worry about booking
accommodation, buying tickets for your transport, finding your hotels and finding the right tour
when you reach the sites.
Can we choose our hotels?
You can choose the hotels you would like to stay in if you request a Flexible or a Custom Made
Tour. Please let your travel agent know about your hotel preference. Hotels are fixed on Fully
Escorted Tours.
Is there a discount for kids?
Yes there is. 0-2 years: free of charge. 2-4 years: 1/3 of the price. 4-6 years: half a price.
Discounts are subject to change, depending on the month of the travel, hotels, etc.
Can we get a private guide?
Yes you can. Please select "private guide" option on the Custom Made Tour request form or let
your travel agent know. There are 2 types of touring when it comes to local guided tours on each
Regular Touring: There will be 15 to 25 people on board during the daily tours. All tours are
Private Touring: There will be only your party on board during the daily tours. All regular local
tours can be upgraded to private tours.
Do I have to pay the full amount?
We require %50 of the total amount of your package tour in order to complete your booking.
You will be required to pay the rest of the amount 75 days prior to your arrival day. Please refer
to Online Booking.
Above apply only on Flexible and Custom Made Tours. Required amount is subject to change.



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