Mt Nemrut Eastern Explorer 4 Day Tour

Mt Nemrut Eastern Explorer 4 Day Tour


DAY 1 : Karatay Caravensaray, Kahraman Maras

Interesting drive today as we pass by Tekir plateau, Karatay Caravensaray and Kahraman Maras (produces Turkey's best ice cream!) before arriving in Kahta. Overnight Kahta. (L, D)

Day 2: Mt Nemrut, Kahta, Urfa, Harran
Arrive at Mt. Nemrut before dawn and ascend the mountain for 15 minutes to watch the magical sunrise over the plateau, and visit the massive ancient rock statues. Return to Kahta and tour the Ancient city. Head south to Harran for a tour of this fascinating 400 year old town, including the mud brick beehive houses. Overnight Sanli Urfa. (B, L, D)

Day 3: Birecik - Istanbul

After breakfast, we head to Birecik to see the famous Bald Ibis birds, then return flight to Istanbul from Gaziantep airport. Overnight Istanbul. (B, L)

Day 4: Istanbul
After breakfast our tour concludes and we say goodbye to our new friends. (B)

General Features
This itinerary enables the travelers to discover the Southeastern Anatolia Region, which not only has a very rich history and cultural heritage, but also offers superb, varied landscapes. This fascinating part of Turkey, which remained closed to tourism for a long time, offers today a good road network and hotel infrastructure.
Special Features
Transportation in a fully air-conditioned, non-smoking coach
Professional English-speaking tour guide for the duration of the tour
Domestic flight from Gaziantep to Istanbul and transfers
3 nights - 3 star accommodations in total.
o 1 night in Istanbul
o 1 night in Kahta
o 1 night in Urfa
3 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches, 2 Dinners
Not Included
Suggested optional activities
Entrance fees to the various sites
3-Private Ephesus and Terrace Houses

Meeting your professionally-trained guide, you will set out to the ancient city, once an important port that is now located 3 miles inland. Upon arrival at the upper gate of Ephesus, you will set out on foot with your guide to explore the unending monuments including the Forum, the Odeon, the Library of Celsus, the Thermal Baths of Scolastika and the Great Theater, built in the Greek era and reconstructed in the Roman period. Until recently, the theater still hosted concerts due to its remarkable acoustics.

You will also visit the terrace houses which are located on the slopes of Bulbul Mountain, opposite the Hadrian Temple. Also called "the houses of the rich," they were built for the important and wealthy people of Ephesus, as only rich people could afford such houses. The terrace houses are a Museum inside Ephesus with great engraving, mosaics, wall sections, and original floors of the homes, which offer an incredible view into the lifestyle of the rich Ephesians. The most ancient of the houses were built in the first century B.C. The houses were constructed with the highest standards for their day. They were decorated with mosaics and frescoes, and they had interior courtyards in the center, which opened to the sky. The houses also had cold and hot water.
After this wonderful visit, you will drive to a local restaurant where you will have a typical Turkish lunch. After lunch, guests will have the opportunity to see a Turkish carpet demonstration.
Private History and Religion of Roman Ephesus

Roman Catholic tradition states that St. John and the Virgin Mary moved to Ephesus, where they eventually died, though there is an alternative tradition that holds Mary's death to be in Jerusalem, where her tomb is, a tradition held true by Orthodox Christians. This tour will visit Ephesus, the House of the Virgin Mary and the Basilica of St. John.

With your professionally-trained guide, you will first visit the House of Virgin Mary. It is known with certainty That the Virgin Mary went to Ephesus and lived there for some time. Whether or not she died in Ephesus was not known until Anne Catherine Emmerich's 1884 vision. The stigmatized German nun who had never been to Ephesus had a vision of the House of the Virgin Mary and described it in detail to the German writer Clemens Brentano who later published a book about it. In 1891 Paul, Superior of the Lazarists from Izmir read about her vision and found a little building which corresponded with Emmerich's descriptions. Archeological evidence showed the foundation to be from the 1st-Century A.D., but the little house itself was from the 6th-Century A.D. The site was officially declared a shrine of the Roman Catholic Church in 1896, and since then it has become a popular place of pilgrimage.

From the house, you will travel down to the ancient city of Ephesus. Follow your guide as you walk the city visiting the Forum, the Odeon, the Library of Celsus, the Thermal Baths of Scolastika and the Great Theater. It was in this theater that Paul preached to the Ephesians.
You will then visit the Basilica of St. John. It is believed that the evangelist St. John had spent his last years in the region around Ephesus and was buried in the southern slope of Ayosolug Hill. Three hundred years after the death of Saint Paul, a small chapel was constructed over the grave. The chapel was replaced with a marvelous basilica during the region of Emperor Justinian (527 -565 AD). The monumental basilica was in the shape of a cross and was covered with six domes. Its construction, being of stone and brick, is an extremely rare find amongst the architecture of its time. Raised on two steps and covered with marble, the tomb of St John was under the central dome. After this visit you will have a traditional lunch at a local restaurant.
After lunch, you will visit the Ephesus Archaeological Museum which displays religious sculptures and other artifacts from Ephesus. Most notable are two beautiful statues of the Ephesian Artemis.
After your museum visit, you will have the opportunity to see a Turkish carpet demonstration before returning to Izmir.




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