Welcome Istanbul, after meeting your private tour guide ,you will visit Greek Orthodox Patriarch

Greek Orthodox Patriarch
This was the cathderal church of the Bulgarian Exarch, a title and position invented by the Ottoman sultan when, in the later 1800s, the sultan's Bulgarian subjects demanded to be emancipated from the authority of the Greek Orthodox Patriarch.

Patriarchate of Fener

The Fener Greek Patriarchate is a historical religious institution. After the division of the Roman

Empire, it became the church of the Byzantine Empire and obtained the status of an ecumenical

church. With the collapse of the Byzantine Empire, the Patriarchate became the church of the

Greeks living within the Ottoman Empire. Besides its functions as a religious institution, the

Patriarchate was also granted the right to act as a ministry of Greek affairs by Mehmet II. He

granted increased authority and privileges to the Patriarch.

Pammakaristos (Fethiye Camii)
The Church of Theotokos Pammakaristos (Joyous Mother of God Church) was built in 1292 by John Comnenus, probably related to the royal family, and his wife Anna Doukaina.Later additions and renovations were made, including the construction of a side chapel in 1315 to house the remains of Michael Glabas, a former general, and his family.

Column of Markianos (Kıztaşı)
The Column of Marcian is a monument erected in Constantinople in 455 dedicated to the Emperor Marcian.

Church of Chora
The word "chora" means "outside the city, the countryside". Probably, a small church built here before the erection of the 5th century Roman city walls gave its name to the later churches built on the same site. The present-day edifice is dated to the llth-14th centuries. Besides its attractive exterior, the mosaics and frescoes inside are considered masterpieces of the Byzantine "renaissance".

Church of the Pantocrator (Zeyrek Camii)
This former monastery church is one of the most important historic landmarks of the Byzantine period; however, because the structure is in a sad state of neglect, a detour here can only be recommended in tandem with a stroll through the narrow streets of the Zeyrek neighborhood. Dedicated to St. Saviour Pantocrator, the building is actually a composite of two churches and a chapel, making it the second-largest church in Istanbul after Ayasofya.

Church of Sergius & Bacchus ( Küçük Ayasofya )
Begun in 527 by Emperor Justinian, the Church of Saints Sergius and Bacchus in Istanbul was an early experiment in Byzantine architecture, with a large central dome supported by an octagonal base. The church is now a mosque called Küçük Ayasofya Camii (Little Hagia Sophia Mosque), named for its resemblance to the much larger Hagia Sophia built a few years later.
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